Philanthropy is something that gets a lot of great attention in the media. It is very helpful for organizations, corporations, and celebrities that are trying to gain more notoriety. Andrew Carnegie was one of the world’s greatest philanthropists, and he said to die with a fortune was an poor choice to make. There are many celebrities out there who have devoted much of their lives to philanthropy. Michael Jackson was a great philanthropist who stemmed the idea in the 1980s for the song, “We are the world.” This song raised money for aids relief all around the world. Not only did this raise funds, but it raised awareness for this epidemic.

Philanthropy is something that is very prevalent in many large organizations and religious institutions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the second highest in theJapan-Tsunami-Donations amount of money donated to the Tsunami relief efforts, right behind the US government. Religious institutions are high on the list when it comes to philanthropic efforts. There are also many different large organizations out there that help individuals all around the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is one of the largest organizations in the world for philanthropic activities.

Philanthropy does not have to be just an act for large corporations or celebrities. There are many ways in which an individual can donate on a smaller level. strongly promotes the use of many crowd funding sites that allow individuals to give small amounts of money to those in need. These funding sites make it easy for an individual to give money right from their credit card online. There are also many food drives that cities put on each year. This is a very easy way for individuals to get involved in the community efforts to help fight hunger.

All around us we can see people who are in need. Philanthropy doesn’t have to just be about donating large amounts of money. If you see someone who is in need, extend your hand of help and friendship. Even the smallest act of random kindness can really make the difference in someone’s life.